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About Our Practice

“Kearny’s Trusted Source for Foot & Ankle Care since 1979”
Thank you for choosing Dr. Robert Fuerstman as your podiatrist in Kearny, NJ. Dr. Fuerstman is a board-certified podiatrist in Kearny, New Jersey and specializes in the medical and surgical management of the foot and ankle.
Dr. Robert Fuerstman specializes in both surgical and non-surgical treatment of all foot disorders including, reconstructive foot surgery, bunion and hammertoe correction, diabetic foot care, trauma repair, wound care, skin and nail disorders, and all other problems related to foot & ankle pain.

We have created this website to provide our patients with an extension of our care. We have loaded it with information on many of the common foot and ankle issues we successfully treat daily here in our Kearny foot & ankle clinic. You can also find information about our office including a map & directions, office hours, scheduling policies, and information about our New Jersey foot doctor & staff.

We are here to help you get back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible. We offer a variety of treatment options for most foot disorders, including surgical options for more complex problems. Our staff always strives to ensure you have a pleasant office visit and Dr. Fuerstman works with each of his patients individually to come up with the most the most effective course of treatment for their foot or ankle problem.

We work with a variety of insurance plans and are always accepting new patients. So, if you live in Kearny or any surrounding NJ city or town, and are experiencing any form of foot pain, give us a call today and setup an appointment to see your local Kearny Foot & Ankle Specialist – Dr. Robert Fuerstman.
“Foot or Ankle Pain is NOT normal! Call us today @ (201) 991-6471”

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